Welcome to Halloween Town Pumpkin Patch Las Vegas!

See You October 2024!

The original Halloween Town location at Boca Park is designed for children 2-10 years old. Bring the entire family and enjoy all that October has to offer. Our two additional locations, in the Southwest and Silverado Ranch, also include full-size rides, carnival games, food, and attractions for guests of all ages.

Family Fun for Everyone!

Kid Witch

Children’s Activities

Have your kids dress up as their favorite character, and we’ll do the face painting! Then, watch them create Halloween masterpieces in our pumpkin painting area.

Pumpkin Picking

Which one will you pick? With so many pumpkins to choose from, there’s a right-size pumpkin for everyone in the family. Don’t leave the Patch until you find the perfect one!

As you stroll through the pumpkin patch, take your time to appreciate the array of shapes, sizes, and colors that nature has to offer. Each pumpkin has its unique character, waiting for your creative touch to bring it to life. Whether you’re searching for the most gigantic pumpkin that will stand tall on your porch or a petite one that’s perfect for decorating your tabletop, this patch has something for everyone.


The fun doesn’t stop with pumpkin picking. Just like a carnival, we have games galore! Your kids will be entertained for hours with so many games to play.

Our pumpkin patch is a hub of excitement, offering a carnival-like atmosphere with a wide variety of games and activities that will keep your kids engaged and delighted. From classic ring toss games to pumpkin-themed mini-golf, there’s no shortage of amusements to explore.

Watch as your little ones test their aim and coordination in games like the Ring Toss or Crazy Cups. You’ll hear their laughter and cheers as they compete in friendly competitions, all while enjoying the fresh air and the rustic charm of the pumpkin patch!


See that smile? That’s your child enjoying our fun kiddie rides. Grab your camera and find the perfect shot as they go round and round and up and down.

Our pumpkin patch is a place where your child’s joy takes center stage. Our rides add an extra layer of excitement to the experience. From our vintage classic cars to our Super Slide, these rides are designed to thrill and delight the little ones.

As you watch your child having the best time, you’ll want to capture those precious moments forever. So, don’t forget to bring your camera or smartphone to snap pictures of them on the rides.

These rides are not just an amusement; they’re a memory in the making. Imagine years from now, looking back at those snapshots and reminiscing about the day your child’s smile lit up the pumpkin patch. It’s moments like these that make family outings truly special.